Full Name Chai Xianghua
First Appearance (Alisa's Adventures in Rockoland) Sleepy Trek
First Appearance (Barney and the Rocko Squad) Barney's Best Moments
First Appearance (Xianghua in Rockoland) Rock Power!
First Appearance (The Rocko Squad Meets Pippi) Unconfirmed
Alisa's Adventures in Rockoland Portrayer Wendee Lee
Barney and the Rocko Squad Portrayer Wendee Lee
Xianghua in Rockoland Portrayer Wendee Lee
The Rocko Squad Meets Pippi Portrayer Wendee Lee
"You creep! Why would you do that?!?!?!"
— Chai Xianghua to Crash Gordon, after being pushed into a quicksand pit.

Chai Xianghua was the first character from the Soul series to visit Rockoland. She is known for her sleepiness, which obviously infuriates Evil-Man.

During the entire Rocko franchise, starting with her latest appearances, Xianghua wears makeup, which is usually seen when she sleeps. Her eye shadow color is purple.

During Soul Calibur III, holding down on the directional pad and the Horizontal Attack button simultaneously will cause Xianghua to perform one of her victory poses with her eyes closed, but instead of snoring, she will say "I knew I wouldn't walk away from this fight without a scratch...".

She visits the Rocko Squad in every TV show and is voiced by Wendee Lee in all of them.